Why become a HIC Franchisee?

  • No Royalty Fees
  • Exclusive Territories with Mapped Routes Provided
  • A well proven and successful system with over 20 years of outstanding results
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support Provided
  • Ongoing and Active New Product Development Program
  • Initial and On-Going Training Provided
  • Administrative Support Offered
  • Increased Selling Tools including new Systems such as Cool Cube and our Home In Store freezers at very little extra cost to the Franchisee

Customer Testimonials

"We look forward to you, we like the variety, we like to think it is good value for money. As soon as we hear the bell, the whole house goes into a frenzy. It is a very positive experience; we love to hear the bell." Jeff, Brisbane

"You can't beat the flavour of Home Ice Cream, it's just awesome." Elissa, Brisbane

"Home Ice Cream tastes different to Supermarkets, it tastes homemade, it tastes creamy, it tastes good and it is a good price." Kara, Brisbane

"10/10, A1 Ice Cream and A1 service, you just can't beat Home Ice Cream, it's excellent." John, Brisbane

Franchisee Testimonials

"I think the best part of the job is all the great people you get to meet and the fact that every day is different to the one before because of the variety of people that you deal with. Also, being your own boss is pretty good too. I have been a Home Ice Cream Franchisee for just over three years"

"I worked for Home Ice Cream as a company driver for three months prior to becoming a Home Ice Cream Franchisee. Prior to that I had been working in the manufacturing industry assembling and quality inspecting motor vehicle parts for approximately six to seven years"

"A Home Ice cream Franchise business offers a great opportunity to build a successful business by selling a well known, quality product for not a lot of money. I think its probably one of the best choices I have made in my working life, even though I was in Hospitality for nearly twenty years and enjoyed that a lot also"

Peter Kirk, Home Ice Cream Franchise Owner

What is the best part of your job?
Being out on the street selling a great tasting product to make people happy

How long have you been an owner of a Home Ice Cream Franchise business?
We have been in the business for 18 years

What did you do before owning a Home Ice Cream Franchise business?
I worked for Inghams as a forman fitter.

Where did you find out about owning a Home Ice Cream Franchise business?
The truck rolling into our street 1994 with that distinctive bell

What does a Home Ice Cream Franchise business offer?
A job that can give you great satisfaction or a big headache if not done properly

What was the reason/s you chose a Home Ice Cream Franchise business?
I wanted a complete job change and to get away from a job that I did not like anymore

Hans Krueger, Home Ice Cream Franchise Owner

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