Franchisee FAQ

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What is the total investment required and ongoing costs?

The initial cost of buying the Franchise varies depending on the individual Franchise. If you are buying a new Franchise Territory, the Franchisee Fee is $10,000, plus your working capital to purchase initial stock, and setting up your cab chassis. Freezer Body rental costs are paid monthly at $300, and Van Electricity is also paid monthly at $125.

If you are in a Regional Area there is a depot security and temperature monitoring charge. This is dependent on how many Franchisees are in your depot and ranges from between $10 to $30 per month.

Do I have to contribute to Marketing Costs?

No, currently Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd pays for all National advertising to increase brand awareness and drive sales to the vans. If you would like to do your own advertising in your own territory, this must be approved by  Home Ice Cream prior to any advertising material being released.

Do I get to pick which area I want to be a Franchisee in?

To a degree yes, you can choose which area you wish to Franchise  but it depends on what Franchises are being offered in that particular area at the specific time.

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What hours do I work?

The hours worked depend on the routes that need to be vended each day. Vending hours are approximately 11am to 7pm in some areas. This can change depending on how many customers you have on each day and, in Summer, these hours can sometimes increase simply due to the volume of sales at the back of the van.

You may choose to have a relief driver, however our experience has found that what yields the best sales is you being on the van yourself - as no one will work your business like you!

Can a Franchisee own more than one Territory?

Yes, in some cases, we have husband and wife teams or business partners that choose to purchase two Franchises. This has worked well for them to date, however we do ensure that both parties are aware of the commitment and time dedicated to each Franchise area that is required to ensure a successful business.

Does Home Ice Cream offer financing?

No, Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd or any of its subsidiaries do not offer financing to Franchisees.

How much money can I expect to earn as a Franchisee?

Income can vary widely from area to area, depending on a number of factors. The most important aspect of success within the Home Ice Cream network is excellence in operational standards upheld by the Franchisee.

How do I become a part of the Home Ice Cream Network?

Simply complete the Franchisee Enquiry Form and upon receipt of your expression of interest, we will contact you and provide you with further information to progress your enquiry.

Any information provided to us is held in the utmost confidence and, if you are successful, you will be offered an available Franchise in the area you are interested in.