Terms & Conditions

Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd is excited to announce their brand new Online Ordering System for Ice Cream via their registered Cool Cube ® and Deep Chill Brick Technology and Direct to your Door.

The easiest way to see if you qualify for Cool Cube ® or Direct Delivery is to type in your details and check if we deliver in your area. The Cool Cube ® System is only available to customers already serviced by Home Ice Cream's home vending system that is delivered every fortnight in the same street at the same time!

We have tried to make the whole process as easy as possible when you purchase online  but if you experience any difficulty at all, please contact us.  Please note your Cool Cube ® will automatically be added to your first order.

Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd understands that your privacy is of the utmost importance to you and for further details on our Privacy Policy, click here.


We currently do not ship outside of Australia.


Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd delivers fortnightly direct to your door and Cool Cube ® ice cream orders also being delivered on the same fortnight if location has been approved for Cool Cube ® delivery.

Cool Cube ® will be delivered by your Home Ice Cream Driver. We do not do Cash On Delivery, all items must be paid for via the secure payment options on this website.

The "Deep Chill" bricks that are required for your Cool Cube ® are delivered directly by your Home Ice Cream driver when he delivers your ice cream order. You will be required to leave your thawed deep chill bricks in your Cool Cube ® and your Driver will exchange them with frozen bricks with your Cool Cube ® ice cream order.

Cool Cube ® is not available in all locations if your address changes after your account is created delivery may not be achievable.


Your Cool Cube ® will be delivered by your Home Ice Cream Driver with your first Cool Cube ® Order OR when he is next delivering in your street. All associated delivery/shipping charges are included in the overall Cool Cube ® costs as stated in our Products Section. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. There are no shipping/delivery charges for your Ice Cream orders through Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd.


Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd will advise customers within 48 hours if goods are not available or delivery has been delayed via email and/or phone, if for some reason you have not been home to receive your Online Order without Cool Cube your order will automatically default to the next fortnight.


Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd uses a 128-bit SSL encryption to establish a secure browser session when receiving cardholder information via the Internet.

Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd supplies you with a secure session within our shopping 'checkout'. You will notice a padlock icon on the base of your browser when you enter through to the 'checkout'. This indicates that all information entered in the session is secure.

When you click the 'Proceed' button, we send the credit transaction directly to the bank. We do not transfer those details to others for their commercial use. Unlike giving credit card details over the phone, our online system automatically encrypts all your details using the latest encryption standards.

We accept Visa & MasterCard.


When using Home Ice Cream's Cool Cube ® delivery system, if for any reason the product you have ordered is unable to be delivered, then your purchase funds will be returned to your bank account.

Funds will be returned within 72 hours of non fulfilment of delivery.

If you are using the "direct to your door" online ordering service and you are not home to receive your order as per the requirement of the system, your order will automatically default to the following fortnight however you will need to contact your driver.

If you require a refund rather than re-delivery, you will need to contact your Franchisee.

Funds will be returned within 72 hours of being notified.

An email will be sent confirming the refund.