Privacy Policy

HOME ICE CREAM PTY. LTD., Last updated: 23 January 2018

Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd ("HIC") respects the privacy of individuals. This policy sets out the way in which Home Ice Cream and its franchisees ("we" or "us") collect, hold, disclose, use and protect your personal information.

By visiting any of our websites (including by using an application on a smart device), creating any accounts with Scoop Club or our Digital Asset Management services (“DAM”), placing an order with any of our vans, franchisees or depots or providing us with your personal information, you agree to your personal information being collected, held, used and disclosed as set out in this policy. References to 'website' include the following:, or any other site, services (including web-services), software, application or media managed by Home Ice Cream.

You do not have to provide us with your personal information but if you do not provide us with the information we require we may not be able to assist you process your job application, franchise application or expression of interest in a franchise, process your order or provide you with access to “DAM”. If you do not agree with the practices described in this Privacy Policy, please do not provide us with your personal information or interact with our websites.

The Home Ice Cream Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms & Conditions of Use and can be found on the Home Ice Cream Website or Home Ice Cream Australia Facebook Page.


We may revise this policy from time to time whenever necessary so check this website regularly to stay informed of any updates.  If we think any material changes to this policy will have a significant effect on you, we may notify you by email or put a notice on the homepage You can determine when this Privacy Policy was last revised by referring to the date it was “Last Updated” above. 

If you continue to use our websites, place an order with any of our vans or provide further personal Information to us after this policy has been revised you will be deemed to have accepted the revised policy.


We collect information necessary for us to process your order, process a refund of your order, register you for an account such as Scoop Club or Home Ice Cream Online Ordering or DAM, process your application for employment or an expression of interest for a franchise, provide you with information about new franchising opportunities, or provide you with other services and/or the assistance you have requested.  Where practicable, we will give you the option of interacting with us anonymously.

The personal information which we collect from you and hold ("Information") includes information like your first and last name, day and month of birth, postal address, telephone and mobile number(s), email address, details of your order (i.e. your last four orders, your delivery address or preferred pick-up location), IP address and credit card details. In respect of your credit card details we only hold some information, as detailed further below. If required, we may request your bank details in order to process a refund of your order.

When you apply for a job with us or to become a franchisee we also collect some information from you for the purposes of assessing your suitability as a Home Ice Cream employee or franchisee (to which you have consented). The sensitive information we collect in these circumstances is further set out under the headings Home Ice Cream Jobs and ‘How we use your Information: 'Sensitive information' below.

When you place an order with us online using the Home Ice Cream internet ordering system (whether via the Home Ice Cream website itself or an application on a smart device), we collect additional Information from you such as:

  • your IP address as part of your order;
  • your feedback;
  • your entries into our competitions and draws;
  • your product preferences and previous order information;
  • any delivery instructions or comments;
  • if you use an eVoucher we may collect your order details, if you have used it, when you used it.

We may also collect your smart device ID and use your smart device’s location services (with your consent) in order to provide you with Home Ice Cream application services.  See ‘Home Ice Cream applications for smart devices’ section below for further information.

Where an expression of interest for a franchise with us has been submitted using a third party website, you acknowledge that any personal information provided with this expression of interest may be used by us for any of the purposes outlined under heading ‘How we use your Information: Franchise application/expression of interest’ below.


We may install GPS trackers in delivery vehicles in order to monitor the progress of order deliveries and to ensure the safety of our delivery staff.  These trackers will record the position of the vehicle at all times during delivery or vending.

In connection with a tracked order delivery, a GPS driver tracker page may be available in order to track your order in real time.  On this page you may be presented with fun facts, trivia and other types of questions. These facts/trivia/questions are provided as entertainment and any responses submitted by you may be used for purposes such as measuring customer engagement and market research (which may involve providing your de-identified responses to a third party for analysis), so that we can better understand the needs of our customers and tailor our future products and services accordingly.


We collect your Information in various ways, including when you:

  • visit any of our websites (including any application managed by Home Ice Cream);
  • register to use any platforms, including Home Ice Cream Online Ordering, Scoop Club or DAM operated by or on behalf of Home Ice Cream;
  • when you "Like" our Facebook page or participate in any surveys, promotions and competitions through our Facebook page;
  • place an order via online ordering (whether on our website itself or in an application);
  • interact with our franchise recruitment or participate in the franchise recruitment process;
  • interact or follow our social media pages/profiles like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram;
  • use our mobile apps and Scoop Club subscriber app;
  • enter into a competition or promotion through any medium;
  • subscribe to our eDM mailing list;
  • participate in a survey;
  • participate in focus groups, polling and market research activities;
  • register as a Scoop Club member;
  • apply for a job with us;
  • request information regarding our franchise system (including future franchising opportunities);
  • submit feedback;
  • submit any query to the Privacy Officer;
  • place an order via a store, telephone or the Home Ice Cream internet ordering system, mobile sites/devices and applications; or
  • request that your order is delivered and the delivery vehicle that is used contains a GPS tracker;
  • enable location tracking services on your smart device as part of an on time cooking order; or
  • directly provide the Information to us pursuant to a request made by Home Ice Cream.

Except as noted in this policy, where possible Home Ice Cream or its franchisees will collect your Information directly from you. However, there may be occasions when your Information is collected from someone else (for example Home Ice Cream may collect your Information from its franchisees, network companies, service providers and other third parties so that we may provide an enhanced and more relevant user experience, service or product to you).  Where Home Ice Cream or its franchisee collect your Information from someone other than you, Home Ice Cream or the franchisee will take reasonable steps to inform you of this (if this is not already disclosed in this policy).  No matter where we obtain the Information from, your Information is collected, held, used and disclosed by us in accordance with this policy.


If you chose to create a Home Ice Cream Online Ordering account using an existing Facebook, Google or PayPal (“External Account Provider”) account (“External Account”), you are providing Home Ice Cream with permission to obtain your personal information via the External Account Provider. The information that we obtain from the External Account Provider will be confirmed by the External Account Provider during the Home Ice Cream account creation process.  Please review the External Account Provider’s privacy policy for further information about the information they hold and their information sharing practices.

Please note that after completing this process, your Home Ice Cream Online Ordering account will be linked with your External Account.  Your Home Ice Cream Online Ordering Account will be accessible so long as your External Account remains active.


We use your Information for a variety of purposes including for processing orders, providing our products and/or services to you and for any other purpose for which it was provided to us, or other related purposes and as permitted or required by law.  Such purposes include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • providing you with email and/or SMS confirmation of your order;
  • providing you with the assistance, products and/or services you have requested (this includes services and functions on a downloaded Home Ice Cream application for a smart device);
  • to create a new Home Ice Cream Online Ordering account;
  • allowing you to participate as a Scoop Club member or register on any platform operated by or on behalf of Home Ice Cream;
  • allowing you access to DAM;
  • processing any franchise application you may submit via our franchise recruitment team or our website;
  • processing any expression of interest you may submit via our franchise recruitment team, our website or a third party website;
  • providing you with any franchise information you may request;
  • providing you with information about new franchising opportunities;
  • processing any orders you place with us;
  • processing a refund of any orders your place with us;
  • determining the number of visitors to our websites and conducting reviews of our websites;
  • judging competitions, fulfilling prizes, awards and purchases;
  • keeping you informed about any changes to our websites as well as good and/or services;
  • conducting market research (including focus groups, panels and surveys) so that we can better understand the needs of our customers and tailor our future products and services accordingly;
  • conducting analyses of orders and purchasing habits so that we can better tailor the ordering experience, products and services for our customers;
  • for advertising and direct marketing, including sending you offers or information on products or services that we consider will be of interest to you or authorising third parties to send their offers or information on products or services where you have indicated interest in or consented to receiving third party offers;
  • to assist in the delivery of your order to your door and to verify your credit card or PayPal (available in Australia only) payment;
  • to help you remember and re-order from our menu in future; and
  • to provide you with an SMS to inform you when your order is on its way or ready for pick-up from one of our stores;
  • requesting your feedback on our products and/or services;
  • responding to any complaints, enquiries and feedback;
  • unsubscribing your details from our databases;
  • sales trends analysis, stock management and sales and stock reporting;
  • any other purposes identified at the time of collecting your Information; and
  • to prevent fraud, comply with any legal obligation or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Sometimes we receive data from our affiliates, customers and other third parties that helps us (or them) understand our customer’s online, ordering and purchasing activity, and generally make Home Ice Cream a better experience for our customer. For example, a customer’s order may tell us information about the customer (like what their preferred products are) in order to measure the effectiveness of - and improve the quality of – our customer’s ordering experience.

We may also put together data from the information we already have about a customer so we can offer and suggest a variety of products, deals or offers and features to our customer, or customize the ordering experience for the customer.


You acknowledge that consent has been provided for us to collect and use your personal information for the purpose of:

  • assessing your suitability as a Home Ice Cream employee, franchisee at the time of making your application/submitting your expression of interest;
  • and/or sending you information about future franchising opportunities.


Home Ice Cream and its franchisees do not store any credit card details at the back of the vans.

Internet orders can be pre-paid using any of the available payment methods on HIC’s Website or associated App’s, such as PayPal (available in Australia only), AndroidPay (via the Home Ice Cream App only), ApplePay (via the Home Ice Cream App, available in Australia only), or a valid credit card (which must be presented upon receipt of your order). Your credit card details are required to process payment on the internet order system however the full details are not saved once the order is processed. The credit card details we hold are: the name on the card, expiry date and the masked version of the credit card (ie first 6 digits and last 4 digits).

If you are a registered member of the online ordering system, you may have the ability to save your preferred payment method. You will be able to update this at any time by logging in to your registered account. We reiterate that your full payment details are not stored in your Home Ice Cream registered account, but rather with our partner (PCI compliant) payment gateway providers:

  • Stripe;
  • ApplePay;
  • AndroidPay; and
  • PayPal.

Refer to heading ‘Third Party disclosure of your Information’ for more information about these payment gateway providers.


Most Home Ice Cream vouchers carry an eVoucher number which can be redeemed via the Home Ice Cream internet ordering system. Simply enter this number when ordering online. This information is then processed by Home Ice Cream in order to verify and provide your discount.


Where appropriate, Home Ice Cream and its franchisees will share your Information between themselves and with other third parties, including:

  • to meet the purpose for which it was submitted to us or them;
  • our related entities, suppliers and third parties who provide services to us or on our behalf or provide a service to you (for example third parties processing your online payments, third parties providing analyses of customer ordering, IT and cloud storage service providers and processors, third party suppliers providing our SMS service and mailing houses and third parties operating certain features available from our website;
  • entities which you have expressly allowed us to disclose your Information to;
  • any entities that we or our franchisees are required or permitted by law to disclose your Information to;
  • if your personal Information is collected in connection with a joint promoter or service provider, to that joint promoter or service provider for marketing and research purposes;
  • if you use a credit card to place an order via our website, mobile site or app, your details will be passed on to our credit card processor who will receive your credit card details for such orders. Presently Stripe provide this service in Australia to Home Ice Cream. Stripe are secure internet payment gateways that secure your credit card number during transmission. If you use PayPal (available in Australia only) to place an order via our website, mobile site or app, your details will be received by PayPal in order to process the order. For more information on PayPal see:;
  • if you use AndroidPay to place an order via our app, your details will be received by Google in order to process the order. For more information on AndroidPay see:;
  • if you use ApplePay to place an order via our app (available in Australia only), your details will be received by Apple in order to process the order. For more information on ApplePay see:

We may share Information with agents, affiliates or service providers who act for or on behalf of us in connection with our business, or for further processing in accordance with the purpose(s) for which the Information was originally collected; and any other third parties notified to you at the time of collecting your Information or after the collection of your Information.

Some of our related entities and third party service providers are located in countries outside of Australia (including but not limited to the Philippines, India, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Ireland). Our contracts with these parties generally include an obligation for them to comply with Australian privacy law and this policy.  However you acknowledge that, by agreeing to the disclosure of your Information to these entities outside of Australia, we will no longer be required to take reasonable steps to ensure the overseas recipient's compliance with the Australian privacy law in relation to your Information and we will not be liable to you for any breach of the Australian privacy law by these overseas recipients and, on this basis, you consent to such disclosure.

Where we disclose your Information to our affiliates, your personal Information will be collected, used, held and disclosed by them in accordance with their privacy policy.


Scoop Club is Home Ice Cream electronic communications database which our customers may join by opting-in.  During your order via the Home Ice Cream internet ordering system, you will be asked if you would like to become a Scoop Club member. To become a member you need to tick the box electing to become a Scoop Club member.

You may also provide your Information to join as a Scoop Club member at the point-of sale in store, through the front page of our websites, sign up in store or via a Scoop Club kiosk in store or otherwise.

The database is utilised to send emails containing information such as promotions, targeted offers (including third party suppliers/partners), survey information, user feedback, value offers, news and competitions to subscribers (Members). Scoop Club Members also have the choice to opt-in to receive communication (including commercial messages and order confirmations) via SMS and, if they opt-in to this service, Home Ice Cream may send offers and deals via SMS to these members from time to time.  Members are able to opt-out from receiving further email communication or SMS at the bottom of each Scoop Club email and SMS.


We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your Information that we collect and hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.  However, we rely on you to advise us of any changes to your Information to help us maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date information.  Please let us know if you believe that any of your Information requires updating or correction.

You can request access to and correction of your Information that we hold at any time. Any such requests should be made directly by contacting us (see "Contact Us" section below), or by updating your details through the relevant Home Ice Cream Jobs website, your franchise application or through any other account/profile management platform operated by or on behalf of Home Ice Cream.

We will take reasonable steps to protect your Information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.  However, no data protection or security measure is completely secure and we cannot guarantee the security of your Information, particularly in relation to online transmissions.  You must take care to ensure you protect your Information (for example, by protecting your usernames and passwords) and you must notify us as soon as possible after you become aware of any security breaches.



  • Each time you visit our websites our server collects some anonymous information, known as click-stream data, including the type of browser and system you are using; the address of the site you have come from and move to after your visit; the date and time of your visit; and your server's IP address.

  • Home Ice Cream may collect this information for statistical purposes to find out how the websites are used and navigated, including the number of hits, the frequency and duration of visits, most popular session times. Home Ice Cream may use this information to evaluate and improve the Home Ice Cream websites.

  • To try and bring you offers that we think may interest you, we have relationships with third party companies (for example DoubleClick and ROKT) that we allow to place advertisements on our websites. If you visit our websites, ad serving or data analytics companies may place cookies on your browser to capture information from you such as your domain type, your IP address, your web usage behaviour whilst on the page (including how you were referred to the page), Google-authenticated identifiers and clickstream information. Any information collected by such third parties is subject to their privacy policies and terms of use (which can be found at Double Click (, Google Analytics ( and and ROKT (

  • If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, you can find detail on how to do so at


Home Ice Cream offers various applications for smart devices; these applications allow you to (amongst other things) order ice cream, track your order, locate your nearest franchisee or van and receive vouchers or current deal notifications.

You will be able to access your Home Ice Cream Online Ordering account using these applications.

In addition to recording your smart device’s IP address as part of your online order, your smart device’s ID may also be recorded in order to effectively provide you with the application’s services.

A Home Ice Cream application may seek to activate location tracking services on your smart device. This function may result in your location being used for purposes such as:

  • marketing (i.e. a nearby store sending you a special deal); or
  • identification of your closest Home Ice Cream store.

You will have the ability to opt out of these location tracking services by:

  • declining this option when first prompted by the application; or
  • manually turning this function off within your smart device’s settings.


  • A Cookie is a piece of information that our web server may send to your machine when you visit one of our websites. A Cookie helps us to recognise you when you re-visit our sites and to co-ordinate your access to different pages on the sites. We also use Cookies to track online advertising performance and eDM movement. By selecting the “Remember My Details” function (e.g. ‘Remember my Delivery Details) during the online ordering process, you are agreeing to the storage of a cookie on your computer/device that contains your personal details. This function will only work if your computer/device is cookie-enabled.

  • For example, once you have placed a new ice cream order you will be offered the opportunity to personalise your order so that the system remembers it for future use. A cookie will be set on your machine that enables us to recognise your computer when you return to order your favourite products next time.

  • These cookies may also help us to pre-fill certain forms on our website (including promotions run by third parties) with your details in order to save you time. Please note that where you agree to partake in a third party’s promotion, any Information provided for the purpose of that promotion will be stored in accordance with that third party entity’s privacy policy.

  • With most Internet Browsers, you can erase Cookies from your computer hard drive, block all Cookies, or receive a warning before a Cookie is stored. If you want to do this, refer to your Browser instructions or help screen to learn more. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features of our sites.


    • Our website may contain links to other websites of third parties. A link to a third party website is not an endorsement of the accuracy or trustworthiness of that website or its content and any information collected by such websites will be subject to that website's privacy policy.

    • The Home Ice Cream website may be accessible through or contain connections to areas where you may be able to publicly post information, communicate with others, review products and submit media content.  Prior to posting in these areas please read the Home Ice Cream Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy carefully.  All the information you post may be accessible to anyone with Internet access and any Information you include in your posting may be read, collected and used by others.


    • To stop receiving the SMS service, follow the instructions contained in the SMS.

    • To stop receiving any email correspondence from us, simply click on the link to unsubscribe.

    • To remove your details from any of our marketing and communication databases simply email the Privacy Officer at

    • If your information has been shared with a third party by us, based on your consent to do so, you may contact that third party directly and opt out of any direct marketing from them.


    • If you wish to make a complaint about a breach of this policy or the Australian Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (as amended) you can lodge a complaint to the Home Ice Cream Privacy Policy Co-ordinator using the contact details below.  You will need to provide sufficient details regarding your complaint as well as any supporting evidence and/or information.

    • The Home Ice Cream Privacy Policy Co-ordinator will investigate your complaint and determine the steps that we will undertake to resolve your complaint.  We will contact you if we require any additional information from you and will notify you in writing of the Home Ice Cream Privacy Policy Co-ordinator's determination.


    • If you have any queries regarding this policy please contact the Home Ice Cream Privacy Policy Co-ordinator at

    • 173-181 McDougall Street, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, +61 7 46999 988 or